lauantai 22. helmikuuta 2020

Okinawa August 2019

Pics by Yoe
Pictured: Divers on a beach, under water and next to a tiny waterfall
Dive dates: August 2019
Water: 0-30m +28c
Rig: 12/200, rashguard and shorts.

Okinawa beach divers of the Apocalypse. Yoe, Guoda Massi and me. Zamami never disappoints.

It was so hot! To cool ourselves we soaked in a tiny waterfall.

maanantai 5. elokuuta 2019

Hangö: long time back at sea

Pics by Massi and me
Pictured: Divers on a the diveboat and one of the beaches of Hanko
Dive dates: 3.8.2019
Water: 16m +19c
Rig: 12/200, new Bare drysuit

Long time since I was diving in Hanko. Warm seawater (15-19c) and nice weather overall.
First divetrips to Baltic sea together with Massi. Kaapelihylky, Keulakuva, "Suomi"-barge...

Watched a movie in the pop-up movie theater behind Skiffer,The dead don't die by Jim Jarmusch.

torstai 1. elokuuta 2019

Red sea: northern wrecks and reefs 2015

Pics by me
Pictured: divemap and the Red sea
Dive dates: 5.4.2015
Water: 30m +22c
Rig: 12/200, long wet suit

Emperor divers northern safari with the usual suspects as dive sites. Thistlegorm, Jackson reef, Dunraven, Carnatic, Giannis D, Um Gammar... Red sea remains my personal favorite.

Diving with Marylka Yoe was good as always.

Khao Lak relaxation

Pic by Massi
Pictured: me
Dive dates: 16.12.2018
Water: 20m +26c
Rig: 12/200, short wet suit

Kon-Tiki divers based in Khao Lak had a nice diveboat to sleep in. And cool staff too :)

Massi finished her OWD with flying colors!

Vacation flu almost messed up my diving but Tiffy Dey to the rescue. Worst jetlag and fluish x-mas ever afterwards thou...

Iso-Melkutin and drysuit practice

Pic by Massi
Pictured me and Massi
Dive dates: 31.7.2019
Water: 9m +13c-19c
Rig: 12/200, dry suit

Our second open water dive in Finland together. Dry suit and safety sausage practice for Massi and new undergarment testing and weighting etc. for me. I need 12kg and it seems a lot.

Also an attempt to restart this personal diveblog :)

torstai 29. toukokuuta 2014

Spiegel Grove

Pic by Oliver Tierling

Dive dates: 28.4.2014
Water: 22 -26m +24c
Rig: 80cf/??? PSI, 3mm wetsuit

Wreck of Spiegel Grove, Florida Keys, and me saluting the Stripes and Stars down there

perjantai 10. tammikuuta 2014


Pic by Darren King

Dive dates: 10.1.2014
Water: 22 -26m +27c
Rig: 12/200, 3mm wetsuit

Whaleshark in the wreck of Sea Chart 1, Thailand.